Things to Know Before You Get Laser Whitening Done

Laser whitening sounds appealing to many people, but it comes with its own risks. You will get to hear this even at the top dental clinic in Dubai. Let’s have a look at what effects laser whitening has.

It Will Not Last Permanently

When you go for this option, don’t assume that it will be permanent. With time the whitening fades away. There are customized trays that the dentists offer which you can use after the prescribed time to maintain the whiteness.  

Always Go To The Dentist

The treatments done at the dentist’s office are more effective than the ones you do at home later.

Fading Time Varies

Your fading time will be different from the other people. For some it can take as long as 6 months while others have to go for the treatment again within a month.

Not for Everyone

You have to bear this is mind that laser whitening is not for everyone. Even if you look for best teeth whitening in Dubai, you have to realize that it may or may not work for you. It has to do with the genetic makeup of ever individual, so you don’t have to blame yourself if you are not the kind of person on whom it will work. Some have dark teeth due to their eating habits and carelessness while for others it is the genetic makeup.

The Stains Determine the Intensity of Whiteness

The surface stains are easy to remove and come off effortlessly. On the other hand, the internal stains that are embedded deeper are hard to come off. You will have to go for an in-office treatment to get the deeper stains off.

The Zoom Light is Great for Treatment

The effective and fastest way to get the whitening done is going to the office. The zoom light in the office stimulates the hydrogen peroxide which then releases oxygen. These oxygen molecules get the stains off your teeth.

Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks for few Days

You have to be careful to not eat a list of foods and beverages for a week so that you don’t spoil your whitening. Especially the coloured food has to be avoided. If you are a tea drinker, who is addicted to the drink, use a straw so that your teeth aren’t stained with it.

There are many home-made recipes that can help you keep your teeth white as well.