Things you need to know about lamination machine

When you own a stationary shop or you are running your own book stores then you must have lamination machine and binding machine in your set up. If you are doing lamination and binding with your hand then it will take more time and it can also lose your customers. Therefore, you should use machines to run your business. 

If you are living in dubai then you can purchase these machines from binding machine suppliers in Dubai and lamination machine suppliers in Dubai. But if you have no idea about these machines or you have little knowledge about these machines then you must read this article. This article will increase your knowledge about these machines.

What is lamination machine?

Lamination machine is used to laminate various books, notebooks and other stationary items. Although lamination can be done by hands but the use of lamination machine make it easy and quick. 

Types of lamination machine:

There are different types of lamination machines and you can use any one of these machines for your stationary store. But these machines are different to operate with each other. 

Some of the types of lamination machines are given in this article. 

Pouch lamination machine:

This machine is used to laminate books and other stationary items from both sides. But it is unique in its working that lamination is not attached with this machine and document is placed inside the lamination pouch and document is laminated easily.

Large laminating machine:

This type of machine is used to laminate bigger items or multiple items at same time. This machine consists of rollers at top and bottom layer. So due to 2 layers of this machine, lamination from inside is also done. 

Cold machine:

This machine uses pressure instead of heat to laminate the documents and heat resistant documents are used in this machine. This machine uses carbon copies and ink jet print. The documents which is to be laminated is sent in the machine and two layers of machine are rolled together. 

Uses of lamination machine:

Lamination machine is used to laminate following items. 

  • Pictures and photos
  • Signs
  • Id cards
  • University cards
  • Student cards
  • Stickers
  • Books
  • Certificates
  • Programs
  • Business cards