How to use flowers in a wedding?

We see weddings throughout the years and especially when there is spring season then there comes many weddings. To arrange a wedding decoration people need to get the wedding planning Dubai from a good wedding planner. These planners are expert in their filed and they know how to decorate and arrange a wedding to amuse people who attend that. If you want to become a wedding planner or if you are already one of them then you should know different places where you can place wedding flowers in Dubai during a wedding ceremony. If you place few flowers but at the right place then they will give a beautiful look but if you place loads of flowers at the wrong place then they will give an odd look to the entire area. Following are some good places to decorate with flowers:

Table: There is usually a long table for the dinner or lunch for the close family of groom and bride. This table will be a great place to show cases your talent. You can make a runner of flowers on that table with the combination of different flowers but make sure that they will match the theme of the event. If the event theme is white then you can add more white flowers with the combination of some other colored flowers. You can also put few baskets at equal distances on the table if the table is too long or if it is not very broad to accommodate a table runner.

Over the entire space: This kind of flower décor is now very popular and sometimes people even do this with the artificial flowers to cut down the cost of them. If you are doing this décor then you should get some branches too along with the flowers because only flowers cannot look good on the roof. When there are branches with them then they will bow down towards the floor and people will walk beneath them. It will look amazing in pictures and especially when there is a mirror stage beneath this décor. That mirror floor will reflect the beautiful flower décor at it will look like flowers everywhere on the wedding. Other than that you can place some of them at the corners in shape of vase.