5 Smart Ways You Can Armor Your Car

Armoring your vehicle can bring a number of benefits to you and your vehicle. For one, you can have a sturdy vehicle that you can use during emergencies and you can expand the lifespan of your vehicle when your armored it.

There are car armoring companies that offer ready-to-use armored vehicles, but if you already have a car, here are some ways you can armor your vehicle:

  1. Soundproof your ride


One of the things that you need to do when you start to convert your car into an armored vehicle is to soundproof vehicle. Some people use their vehicles as a panic room. As such, they need to be hushed and silent for the sake of people hiding inside it. To make that happen, be sure to soundproof the car. The secret here is the materials of the interiors. Be sure to use interiors that can minimize the sound from inside the vehicle.


  1. Bulletproof your tires


Tires are definitely one of the most vulnerable part of the vehicle. For one, it is the component that is taking all the weight of the vehicle but also the ones that is in contact with the road. When the tire interior wore down, it can affect the performance of the vehicle, and if it got shot or got pierced in the middle of the emergency, it can render your vehicle useless. It would be best to bulletproof the tires to ensure that they can work properly in the event of emergencies.


  1. Shatterproof your windows


One of the most known features of armored vehicles is the shatterproof glass. Common car windows are prone to breakage when a blunt force is applied from the outside. A gunshot can definitely break the material and compromise the lives and safety of the passenger. Invest in car windows that is thick and strong enough to counter such attacks.


  1. Bulletproof your seats


It might not be important to you, but bulletproofing your seats can be handy during an attack. If and when a bullet entered the vehicle, a bulletproof seat can lessen the impact of the shot and prevent the bullets from piercing through the seats that can hurt the passengers.


  1. Put some car tint

Another layer of protection that you can add is to install a car tint. This would prevent gawkers from checking out the insides of your car and deter burglaries.

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