Adrenaline filled VENTURE – What holiday adventures are all about

It is a land where evil lurks at every corner and every shadow is a menace; the waves of the nearby river crash and bash whatever falls into their strong arms; and the wind blows with the ferocity of a lion seeking revenge. And yet, there is a sun shining overhead, and strength left in your body; adrenaline pumps through your veins and your feet walk on a path that unravels itself as every step is taken. There is a trophy somewhere, concealed at the end of your quest, waiting to be collected at the end of your adrenaline filled venture.

This is the simplest, mildest and the feeblest sketch of what the word adventure brings to the mind. The word adventure is flanked by an assortment of other words, namely risk, danger, jeopardy and many others of the like. Is adventure really all about putting your lives in danger as you trek over the mountains and cross fragile bridges over the foaming, hungry rivers roaring underneath? Is adventure about putting a lion’s share of your safety rules behind you for the sake of a moment of fun? Well, dear folks, that is really what an adventure is about. When the holidays loom ahead, what do you think of the first thing? Let’s go to some place where there are mountains and hills obscuring the horizon, right? Or perhaps, let’s go for snow skiing or boating in turbulent waters. An adventure is what makes a young heart from a feeble one, for mountains and harsh waters can be endured by those who believe in themselves, not those who tremble at the word danger.

Contrary to what it may sound, adventures are not designed simply to take your life away. They are designed to take your breath away, and by that, it is not meant forever. Adventures on a holiday bring fun and amusement, and moments that you will remember for the rest of your life. The beauty of adventures is that they are a part of man’s nature: no matter how much he tries, a man cannot chain himself infinitely to only a single place. He goes looking for an adventure in his own way, for the word adventure is interpreted by everyone differently. For a wealthy affording family, it will mean going to the mountains when the holidays start. For a gardener, an attempt to create a different breed might be an adventure. For a philosopher, his entire life, every single breath that heaves his chest up and down, is an adventure. Interesting, right? This single word has been interpreted in so many ways that it will be impossible to list them all.

The most common use of the word, however, pertains to a journey full of hazards that ends with victory for the good and the downfall of the evil. This word has appeared in the earliest stories that mankind evolved to tell their children at bedtimes, and has since grown and nurtured in our minds and thoughts. Adventure is, thus, what drives us ahead and keeps the fun alive in our lives.